• What role does Innovest Investments play?
    We manage investments on behalf of our clients and may invest in both the Colombo Stock Exchange and Fixed Income Securities.
  • What proportion will be invested in fixed income securities and equity?
    Depending on the risk appetite of each and every client we will propose an allocation structure. An aggressive investor, for example, may choose to have 90% in equity and 10% in Fixed Income Securities.
  • How secure will the funds be?
    All investments of clients will be held in separate accounts at with either Deutsche Bank (Colombo Branch) or Sampath Bank PLC. As a registered Investment Management Company, we comply with the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    Rs. 10 million
  • How often will we receive portfolio statements?
    Innovest Investments can provide a client with portfolio statements on a monthly basis.
  • Do you have specific fund categories for ethical investors?
    We have different categories to suit the needs of clients with certain beliefs.
  • What taxes do we have to pay on our portfolio?
    No capital gains taxes are applicable for equity investments. Fixed Income Securities may be subject to Withholding Tax.